miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2015

Writing a blog

Hello people, I hope that you have had to great long weekend.

This is my last post and it will be about my experience in general writing it blog. To say the truth write this ten posts has been a little strange for me because I’m not used to be an author of blogs (in fact this is the first that I have one) because of this, the fact of that others reading my ideas ( besides in english ) was something brand new for me. 

To give my opinion weekly about different topics sometimes has been hard, especially when it has been in fields that I don’t know well at all, as for example the post of series and films, ‘cause in my free time I'm not good seeing these things, and didn’t know well what to write about in this subject

But was not all that bad about this experience. I can practice my writing at moment of do my posts and improve my reading while viewing the blogs of my classmates and teacher making an effort to understand everything to be able make comment after. It also has helped me to increase my english vocabulary using and reading words that I don’t know.

Well, I believe that these lines summarize very well my experience doing this blog. I only hope had written respectably.

See you!

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viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

The places that I know and I would know

Hello everyone

How are you? I´m ok, finishing the university semester. Today I will write about the places that I would like to visit. Personally, I very like travel, can be in car, bus or plane. Of the Chile I know since Iquique to Chillan. I have special memory of Antofagasta, because I Iived in that city for two year when I was kid. The best that there are in that place is the sea,  even though I the prefer in winter because is more empty. Also,  the fact of that Antofagasta lest very bigger, this does that one can orientate yourself best in your streets that in Santiago.

Also, I like a little town that is to five km of Chillan, of name Ñipas. As it is a small village everybody know each other and they are very friendly with those who are not of place, so the atmosphere is very familiar and quiet, very different to Santiago.

Finally, of the other countries I would like to visit some the rest of America or Europe, for learn about other cultures.

And you, what place you like o you like to visit?

See you, Cheers!

(La portada in Antofagasta)

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Listening Music

Hello readers

The post of today is about the music. I will not ask about if you listen music or not, because is almost impossible that the answer don't be "yes". In my case I listen music all the time, I would say about 6 hours for days, preferably when I'm traveling by bus or car, because I feel that the travel is more shorter when I don´t listen music, it happened to you the same? 

I haven't a style favorite style of music, more than anything I like the songs that are "actives", those that to moment that you listen, you wake up. It can be electronic music, perhaps pop rock or only pop or rock and even you can find in my playlist some of Japanese music.

My only problem with the music is that it's hard to do other things when I hear it. For example, if I like a song, I can´t do a university work listening. I to distract xD

But well, I hope that isn't your case and you can do productive things listening music :)


viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

A great website

Hello people

What kind of websites you often visits?  As I want to be sports journalist is not strange that I like visit various sites of sports area, principally of the chilean sport and your athletes. For example: the web of the Chilean Olympic Committee, of the“Team Chile” and also of the “ADO Chile”. But exist one website that has more sport information that the others and for that is one of my favorite sites of internet. I talk of “El Deportero” (even your name is original)

This web is Chilean and always has notes about the competition of the national athletes in the world. I like because don’t all the media deliver information about sport that don´t is soccer, but “El Deportero” the does.  Also I like that always your information has photos (something that don´t have various websites o media of the sport area)

I leave the link of the website for if you want visit it in the future 

 I hope that have a great weekend!


viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

The pets and me

Hi everyone
How have you been this week? I had many academic activity and tests.  

I have questions, do you have pets? I think that the pets are a great company for many people. You can have as pets different animals, for example: dogs, cat, rabbit, birds, fishes or ferret. Even to animals more exotic as snakes or iguanas. In my house we have 1 dog,  a poodle and your name is Minnie, already it has more than 10 years. 1 cat (a stray cat and your name is Kaly. One day, she arrive – was a puppy- to the front lawn of my house and she never more left  (to the Minnie did not like this), now she has – according to the veterinary- 8 months old.  And –until the last “censo”-  15 birds (more than anything canaries birds, you don’t ask me about all your names xD)

I think that if you have pets, you have to be responsible with their care!

And what do you think about the pets?

Good bye! 

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

A photograph, A history

Hello friends, how are you? I hope that well. Today I´ll write about of the photograph

Generally, the photographs tend to capture good moments y
beautiful memories, this photo is a great example. That photo is of when I was voluntary of a sport event, the “Panamerican Judo Open” that was made in Santiago, in the sports center of the national stadium in april of it year.  

In it photo I’m with some friends that also was voluntary and that exactly I the met in it event and to this day we're still in touch with each other. The photography was taken for other voluntary, in the closing ceremony of the competition. 

The photo I like because during the days that was the “Open” I had a lot of fun  and  I can learned a Little more of the judo.

Hope that you also have many photos of good moments


viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

My favorite series

Hello readers! Today I could write about my favorite movie or series, but as don´t like very much the movies (I don´t know, but it is my reality) I prefer try talk about the series.

The first series that come to my mind and that could be my favorite series is “Friends”.  This is because “Friends” was the first series that I watch complete. How only was dub in spanish of Spain (Or I can´t find the version in latin american) I watch the series in English with subtitles (I feel as one evidence that a people don’t learn English with only what series or movie in that language)

Ok, about the series I can say that is an american comedy series, has 236 episodes distribute in 10 seasons for 10 years. About the history, for don´t do some spoiler to any person that didn’t watch the series. I only say that is about a group the six friends (You don’t expected that, really? ) that has around of 30 years, that live in Manhattan, New York and that although they have difference style of see the life, they were friends and even some more that friends ( a  bit corny, no?)

In my opinion is a great series and very funny.